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Two-day Regional Workshop “Teaching for Biliteracy”

Dual Language Washington, a special interest group of the Washington Association for Bilingual Education, and OSPI present co-author Karen Beeman and 20 Breakout Sessions by Leading Washington Dual Language Practitioners.

In response to our members request for practical, ongoing professional development and networking opportunities, Dual Language Washington and the Washington State Office for Migrant and Bilingual Education are honored to present a two-day, dual language institute for teachers in bilingual and dual language programs.

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Location: Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
Cost: $75 per day, $150 for two days
Clock Hours: up to 12 Clock Hours, 6 for each day
Audience: for Educators, K – 12

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Day One: Friday October 28, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

  • 5 one-hour breakout sessions led by leading dual language practitioners and directors
  • Each breakout session will include a workshop on, math, reading, writing, science/social studies/other
  • The learning targets focus on superior, practical practices leading to student success

Day Two: Saturday, October 29, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

We are honored to host a one-day professional development with Karen Beeman, M. Ed., of Teaching for Biliteracy (, a leading author, educator and professional developer who is a featured presenter in the highest performing dual language school districts both nationally and globally. She has also been featured at many dual language conferences nationally. Karen will present on Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages focused on:

  • Review of the three premises for teaching for biliteracy and latest research
  • Exploring the Bridge within a Multilingual Perspective of Language Ability
  • Identifying the Strategic Use of Two Languages
  • Experiencing and Creating Bridges: Comparing and Contrasting Spanish & English
  • Exploring biliteracy units using the Biliteracy Unit Framework
  • Focus on developing highly effective, integrated and accountable units of study to excite, ignite, and delight all stakeholders.

For more information, contact Michael Shapiro:

Northshore School District – 1.0 FTE Dual Language Teacher

Northshore School District is seeking a full-time (1.0 FTE) Dual Language Teacher for the 2016-17 school year.  Our K-6 Dual Language program is a 50/50 model. Our district is located in the Washington state cities of Bothell, Kenmore, and Woodinville.  Northshore is Washington’s 10th largest school district serving over 21,000 students.  We are comprised of 20 elementary schools, 6 junior high schools, and 3 high schools.  We will open the doors to our brand new high school in 2017-18 school year.

For a more detailed job description or to apply online, please visit Northshore’s website.

Resource: The Center for Teaching Biliteracy

The Center for Teaching Biliteracy is an outstanding resource for those considering new dual language programs as well as for those who are interested in refining an existing dual language program. This site has outstanding resources in Spanish and in English and registration is free at Developed by Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow of the Illinois Resource Center, this site provides teaching, research, and professional development resources. Karen Beeman will be the featured presenter in Dual Language Washington’s Professional Development Series in October of 2016. Keep watching for registration announcements.

Call to Action: Senate Bill 5675

This from Michael Shapiro, Dual Language Washington Leadership Secretary

Dual Language Washington has endorsed Senate Bill 5675 entitled Expand Dual Language Programs and Bilingual Instruction to Improve Student Achievement and Close the Opportunity Gap. This important stepping stone which fosters growth of dual language education in Washington is currently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Our goal is to get it out of committee for broader review and adoption. Members of the committee are listed below.

Please take a moment to email or call Senator Andy Hill and the rest of the Ways and Means Committee members or your legislator urging them to give 5675 a hearing and fully fund and pass the bill out of committee.  Anything you can do at this point will really help move the bill.

The committee members are:

Members Hill, Chair (R); Braun, Vice Chair (R); Dammeier, Vice Chair (R); Honeyford, Vice Chair, Capital Budget Chair (R); Hargrove; Keiser; Ranker; Bailey; Becker; Billig; Brown; Conway; Darneille; Hasegawa; Hewitt; Nelson; O’Ban; Padden; Parlette; Pedersen; Rolfes; Schoesler; Warnick

Thank you  in advance for all your support. We are really making some progress and it’s clear that dual language and bilingual education is gaining more traction in the legislature.

A sample letter is below:

Dear Legislator:

I encourage you to support Senate Bill 5675 entitled Expand Dual Language Programs and Bilingual Instruction to Improve Student Achievement and Close the Opportunity Gap. As research has repeatedly demonstrated, dual language education as a premier educational model to propel not only English Language Learners, but also all language learners to closing the achievement gap and propelling them beyond the achievement of monolingually schooled students. As an educator, I strongly endorse the growth of dual language programs given the reconstituted mainstream of Washington State and the necessity to enhance educational models to promote excellence for all of our students.

Please endorse Senate Bill 5675 which is currently being reviewed in the Senate Way and Means Committee.



SPS Career Fair for High Needs Subjects including World Language and Dual Language Immersion

Career Fair for High Needs Subjects:
Seattle Public Schools will also be hosting an Educator Fair January 30th, 2016 that will focus on our District’s high needs areas. Our District’s high needs areas consist of the following:

*   Special Education
*   English Language Learners (ELL)
*   Language Immersion (Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish)
*   Montessori certificate with Elementary Ed endorsement
*   World Languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, etc.)
*   Creative Arts (music/art)
*   School Nurse

The fair is scheduled for Saturday, January 30th, 2016. Interview times and a specific location will be given to candidates that meet the minimum screening requirements. Successful candidates from the SPS Educator Fair could be offered an early hire contract for the upcoming school year. Teacher candidates that have a strong interest in Seattle Public Schools and will be endorsed & highly qualified in these high needs areas for the 2016-2017 school year are encouraged to apply.


Evergreen Public Schools’ in Vancouver, WA is currently recruiting Washington certified highly qualified teachers for its 90/10 Two-Way Spanish Dual Immersion Program for the 2016-17 school year. The following open positions are currently posted: two 3rd grade, two 4th and one 5th grade. Interested applicants should visit the job postings at the following link for a complete description of the positions:

Two long-term Dual Immersion sub positions (1st & 4th grades) beginning late March through the end of the school year are also posted at the above link.

For additional information please contact Dual Immersion Program Coordinators Catherine Carrison or Traci Haddad at 360-604-4007

World Class Literacy for Dual Language Education and Classrooms with English Language Learners

Dual Language Washington, a special interest group of the Washington Association for Bilingual Education, is honored to present a rubber-meets-the-road professional development workshop with Ana Hernández, Ed. D., an internationally known and respected leader with 32 years of teaching experience in public schools and 25 years in dual language education settings. “I want all to know that I teach from full understanding of the challenges teachers face and advocate for highly effective and practical practices that get results!” Dr. Hernández has vast experience in a variety of levels where language learners excel.

Who:  Ana Hernández, Ed. D.

  • Assistant Professor, Multilingual and Multicultural Education, California State University San Marcos, School of Education
    • Coordinator of Online Dual Language Certification Program
    • Coordinator of the Bilingual Authorization Program
    • Coordinator of the California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Certificate
    • Instructor in Global Learning Networks
  • State Bilingual Educator of the Year. CA Association for Bilingual Education, 2007.
  • Association for Two-Way and Dual Language Education (ATDLE) & Two-Way California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) – Past President

What: Practical, effective Spanish/English literacy instruction in dual language classrooms

  • How to teach Spanish & English literacy in dual language settings
  • How to cross-linguistically connect English and Spanish literacy
  • How to ensure cross-cultural equity
  • How to insure alignment of English/Spanish language writing to Common Core Standards

Where & When: Highline, WA (near Seatac)

  • Saturday, February 27, 2016
  • 9:00 AM-4:15PM

Why: High quality literacy instruction is extremely challenging in dual immersion settings.

  • Literacy instruction best practices are difficult to navigate depending on the class makeup
  • Second language literacy instruction varies by language based on particulars of the language

Audience: K-6                     Cost: $75                  Clock Hours: 6.5 Hours Available (Free)

For details and to register go to

Dearborn Park International – 1.0 FTE 1st Grade Spanish Immersion


A classroom teacher fosters and enhances an effective learning environment; facilitates the development or revision of curriculum and instructional materials; establishes learning objectives and standards based upon general District guidelines; provides instruction; counsels, disciplines, and supervises to meet the individual needs of assigned students, and evaluates student performance and progress.

    1. Fosters an educational environment conducive to the learning and maturation process of assigned students; plans an instructional program designed to meet individual student needs and whole groups which may include at risk or special needs youth; prepares lesson plans.
    2. Uses necessary and appropriate instructional methods and materials, which are suited to the well-being of the students and to the nature of the learning activities, program and/or curriculum involved; implements established program or curriculum objectives; attends in-service training and continues to improve professional growth through study and experimentation to remain current in methods and techniques for instruction.
    3. Establishes and implements, in a positive and supportive manner, classroom policies and procedures governing student behavior and conduct; provides guidance, counseling, and discipline to encourage students to meet standards of achievement and conduct; makes referrals for assistance where appropriate.
    4. Confers with students, parents or guardians, and other staff, maintaining an open positive relationship as appropriate to provide guidance and evaluation, and to encourage student achievement.
    5. Establishes classroom goals and objectives, in conformation with courses of study specified by State and School District statutes, regulations and guidelines; evaluates and records student progress; prepares reports for parents or guardians.
    6. Collects and interprets a variety of data; provides reports for administrative purposes.
    7. Directs the activities of assigned non-certificated personnel.
    8. Attends or participates in all required staff meetings and other activities deemed necessary by the District and/or building principal, in order to accomplish the objectives of the position and for professional achievement.

For more information and to apply, click here.

La Academia Juan Diego at Holy Rosary School (Tacoma) – Pre-K Teacher

La Academia Juan Diego at Holy Rosary School (Tacoma) is dedicated to providing a strong foundation for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of all students in a safe, caring, Catholic community, while providing a challenging academic curriculum. La Academia Juan Diego at Holy Rosary School is the first Catholic two-way immersion, Spanish/English dual language program in the Northwest.

We seek a full-time, energetic, compassionate, collaborative educator to teach in our Pre-K 3 Year-Old program beginning Sept 2015 in this exciting 50:50 dual language program model.

The ideal candidate is committed to La Academia Juan Diego’s mission, on-going cultural competency training, and growth through professional development opportunities.

For more information visit the job posting here:

Evergreen Public Schools – 1st Grade Teacher 90/10 Two-Way Immersion

Evergreen Public Schools’ is currently recruiting a Washington certified highly qualified 1st grade teacher for its 90/10 Two-Way Dual Immersion program. Interested applicants should visit the job postings at the following link:

For additional information please contact Dual Immersion Program Coordinators Catherine Carrison or Traci Haddad at 360-604-4007