Dual Language Schools

This list was compiled, in part, with data collected and analyzed by Marta Mikkelsen, PhD Student, University of Washington College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Summer 2012 and published by The Seattle Globalist.

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Dual Language Schools in Washington State

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Updated District School Prgm began Contact Languages Ratio Instruction direction Assessments used 2nd language introduced Social studies Science Math
Arlington Eagle Creek Elementary Spanish ?
Bellevue Sherwood Elementary Spanish 90/10
Bellevue Ardmore Elementary Chinese 90/10
Bellevue Puesta Del Sol Elementary Spanish 90/10
Bellevue Lake Hills Elementary Spanish 50/50
Burlington-Edison West View Elementary Spanish 50/50
Chehalis Cascade Elementary Spanish ?
East Valley Yakima Moxee Elementary Spanish 50/50
Evergreen Marrion Elementary Spanish 90/10
Federal Way Sunnycrest Elementary Spanish 50/50
Grandview McClure Elementary Spanish 90/10
Grandview Harriet Thompson Elementary Spanish 90/10
Grandview Smith Elementary Spanish 90/10
Highline Hilltop Elementary Spanish 50/50
9/13 Highline White Center Heights 2013 Bernard Koontz Spanish
50:50 2-way LAS Links English
Highline White Center Heights Vietnamese 50/50
Highline Madrona Spanish 50/50
Highline Mt. View Elementary Spanish 50/50
Kennewick Highlands Middle School Spanish 50/50
Kennewick Hawthorne Elementary Spanish 50/50
Kennewick Edison Elementary Spanish 50/50
1/14 Mount Vernon 2007 Spanish 50:50 2-way DRA/EDL, DIBELS/IDEL, IPTO, STAMP DRA/EDL, DIBELS/IDEL, IPTO, STAMP Spanish & Application in English Spanish & Application in English English
Mount Vernon Madison Elementary Spanish 50/50
North Kitsap Vinland Elementary Spanish ?
Northshore Woodin Elementary Spanish 50/50
Othollo Lutacaga Elementary Spanish 50/50
Pasco Maya Angelou Elementary Spanish 80/20
Private Schools Holy Family Spanish 50/50
Private Schools Holy Rosary Spanish 50/50
Seattle John Stanford International School Spanish, Japanese 50/50
Seattle Beacon Hill International School Spanish, Chinese 50/50
Seattle Concord Spanish 50/50
Seattle Chief Sealth International High School Spanish ?
Seattle Denny International Middle School Spanish 70/30
Seattle McDonald Elementary Spanish, Japanese 50/50
Seattle Hamilton International Middle School Spanish, Japanese ?
Shelton Evergreen Elementary Spanish 50/50
Tacoma Blix Elementary Spanish 50/50
Vancouver Anderson Elementary Spanish 50/50
Vancouver Franklin Elementary Spanish 90/10
Vancouver Harney Elementary Spanish 90/10
Vashon Chautauqua Elementary Spanish 50/50
Walla Walla Sharpstein Elementary Spanish 50/50
Walla Walla Blue Ridge Elementary Spanish 50/50
Walla Walla Edison Elementary Spanish 50/50
Wenatchee Lewis and Clark Elementary Spanish 50/50
Wenatchee Foothills Middle School Spanish 50/50
Yakima McClure Elementary Spanish 50/50

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50/50 - English and partner language are each used for 50% of instruction at all grade levels. 80/20 - Instruction is in partner language 80% of the time and 20% in English in the first year or two, with English instruction increasing each year until the ratio is 50/50. 90/10: Instruction is in partner language 90% of the time and 10% in English in the first year or two, with English instruction increasing each year until the ratio is 50/50.

1-way immersion: Developmental bilingual education or foreign language immersion. 2-way immersion: Both English speakers and speakers of the partner language are enrolled, with neither group making up more than two-thirds of the student population.