Bill to Expand Dual Language and Bilingual Instruction

The Washington State Legislature is considering a new bill introduced on January 28, 2015: HB 1783: Expanding dual language and bilingual instruction for early learners through secondary students. The bill provides grants for new and existing programs to partner on expansion of Dual Language programs (with a focus on serving ELLs) and funding at OSPI to provide greater infrastructure support. To track the legislation and find out about hearing dates, visit

One America, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the fundamental principles of democracy and justice at the local, state and national levels by building power within immigrant communities in collaboration with key allies, is providing outreach information about this bill, including an information sheet that you can download and print:

If you would like to contact the House Education Committee members about the bill, the easiest way is to send them emails via the Committee’s web page: Or check out One America’s web page: Contact Your Lawmaker:


The following videos are now available:

The companion bill in the Senate is now available:

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