McDonald International Elementary School – Spanish Immersion 3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade 1.0 LTE

At McDonald International School our goal is to engage all students, in partnership with family and community, to become informed, compassionate, global citizens. McDonald International School is a growing language immersion school, teaching in Spanish or Japanese. Beginning on 2015-16, all of our K-5 students will be part of the language immersion program and receive instruction for half of each day in either Japanese or Spanish, and the other half of the day in English. This position requires the teacher to be highly collaborative, willing to meet regularly to share and analyze student data, and able to contribute to the long-term growth of the school through teacher leadership, participation on committees, evening events, and detailed planning of effective curriculum and other structures to support student learning. Our goal at McDonald International School is to incorporate an international/global perspective in all subject areas, as well as integrating art, science and technology into literacy.

This candidate must speak, read, write, and communicate fluently in the immersion language as a native speaker.  This candidate will teach the “Spanish half” of the day for a morning and afternoon class of students.   Math and science are taught in the immersion languages. Math in Focus and other supplemental curriculum based on Common Core State Standards comprise the foundation for our math instruction, and for science we use the district’s science kits.  All academic language, math, science, social skills, and any other subjects taught in this classroom will be taught in the immersion language.  Candidates will have the ability to integrate math and science into social studies with an emphasis on global perspectives.  The teacher will be expected to work towards obtaining an International Education category.


    1. Fosters an educational environment conducive to the learning and maturation process of assigned students; plans an instructional program designed to meet individual student needs and whole groups which may include at risk or special needs youth; prepares lesson plans.
    2. Uses necessary and appropriate instructional methods and materials, which are suited to the well-being of the students and to the nature of the learning activities, program and/or curriculum involved; implements established program or curriculum objectives; attends in-service training and continues to improve professional growth through study and experimentation to remain current in methods and techniques for instruction.
    3. Establishes and implements, in a positive and supportive manner, classroom policies and procedures governing student behavior and conduct; provides guidance, counseling, and discipline to encourage students to meet standards of achievement and conduct; makes referrals for assistance where appropriate.
    4. Confers with students, parents or guardians, and other staff, maintaining an open positive relationship as appropriate to provide guidance and evaluation, and to encourage student achievement.
    5. Establishes classroom goals and objectives, in conformation with courses of study specified by State and School District statutes, regulations and guidelines; evaluates and records student progress; prepares reports for parents or guardians.
    6. Collects and interprets a variety of data; provides reports for administrative purposes.
    7. Directs the activities of assigned non-certificated personnel.
    8. Attends or participates in all required staff meetings and other activities deemed necessary by the District and/or building principal, in order to accomplish the objectives of the position and for professional achievement.

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