OSPI: World Languages Program Supervisor 0.6 FTE

The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is seeking a visionary and dynamic leader to join the OSPI team as the World Languages Program Supervisor. This critical and innovative full-time position is based in Olympia, Washington. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the OSPI website (www.k12.wa.us) to gain insight into the agency’s mission and strategic plan.

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Position Overview

This position resides in OSPI’s Teaching and Learning Department. The OSPI Teaching and Learning Departmentprovides leadership and support for educators to ensure engaged and effective teaching and learning for all students in Washington schools as aligned with Washington State’s Learning Goals and Basic Education Act.  The department includes staff in the content areas of K–12 English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, the Arts, Health & Fitness, Social Studies, Sexual Health Education, and World Languages. The department also oversees major statewide initiatives related to the state’s K?12 Learning Standards, OSPI-Developed Assessments for Social Studies, the Arts, Health, Fitness, and Educational Technology, and Washington’s Early Learning and Development Guidelines for Birth to Grade 3; leadership of federal grants that support Math and Science Partnership grants and funds from the Centers for Disease Control that support physical education, physical activity, and sexual health/HIV education in schools. Foundational to the department’s work are student learning standards and guidelines, professional learning, teaching and learning instructional resources, partnerships, and equity and system-wide transformation


The primary role of this position is to provide leadership, guidance, and resource development for the state’s K-12 education system focusing on the areas of world language instruction. The position connects and integrates statewide world languages efforts in collaboration with all subject areas within the Teaching and Learning department, and across OSPI departments. The Program Supervisor works with OSPI, ESDs, state language partners/providers, and school districts statewide to identify technical assistance needs and to provide targeted support and guidance focused on world language instruction and professional learning; and competency-based testing (including the Seal of Biliteracy) programs. This position supports the implementation competency-based credits and graduation recommendations for college and career pathways, which include earning two world language credits; inclusion of world language experience in Full Day Kindergarten programs funded by the state; implementation of Washington’s K-12 World Language Learning Standards and assessment options; implementation of world language endorsement competencies for teacher certification; and, in general, preparing K-12 students in Washington to become global citizens. In addition, the position may provide program management, oversight, and support for a variety of world languages grant programs received directly by OSPI. The position also partners with the Social Studies Program Supervisor, OSPI Certification Department and other key OSPI staff to support international education projects such as the Confucius Institute of Washington and other visiting teacher programs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee the statewide development, revision, and implementation support system for the World Languages State Learning Standards by actively engaging in efforts to integrate, align professional learning and technical assistance supports across subjects and major statewide initiatives. Specific activities include:
  • Identification, development, and provide support for professional development for educators on state learning standards and best practices in instruction for world languages.
  • Providing technical assistance to schools and districts in designing preK – 12th grade language programs. Including specific support for early language learning in conjunction with state-funded Full-day Kindergarten programs and WaKIDS.
  • Identification, development, maintenance, and utilization professional learning resources that show how world language standards support state learning standards in other subject areas such as English Language Arts and Math.
  • Providing guidance to World Language and Immersion teachers on teacher evaluation resources available through OSPI (TPEP) and show connection to national efforts that support educator effectiveness (TELL – Teacher Effectiveness in Language Learning).
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the four language advisors that are stationed in Washington (Spain, France, Hyogo Business Center, and Germany).
  • Partnering with the OSPI Social Studies Program Supervisor to provide state-wide leadership for the teacher and student pathways of the Confucius Institute of Washington State.
  • Serve as a content advisor and leader with assessment system supports and K-12 system-wide education policy issues by:
  • Providing oversight oversee all agency efforts related to World Languages assessments and competency-based testing. Including coordination with WAFLT to support statewide access to world language testing, school districts, World Language testing companies (such as Language Testing International, Avant Assessment, and ALTA Language), and other key regional and/or statewide stakeholders in the process.
  • Coordinating and delivering technical assistance to districts interested in implementing the model policy and procedure for Competency-Based Credits for World Languages.
  • Oversight of all efforts related to implementation and required reporting associated with the Seal of Biliteracy.
  • Partnering with the PESB on teacher certification and Designated World Language Endorsement and Bilingual Ed Endorsement issues and resources, including efforts to develop an appropriate Endorsement for Dual Language Teachers.
  • Administer, manage, and/or support federal, state, and/or privately funded projects or grants by:
  • Administering a private grant from the Gates Foundation to support the Road Map World Languages Credit Program (November 2012 – Nov. 2014) with supplemental grant funding from November 2014 through Fall 2015
  • Partner with the OSPI Social Studies Program Supervisor and OSPI’s Migrant Bilingual Department in supporting international education partnerships and visiting teachers from other countries.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships as the OSPI agency representative with key world languages national and state education associations and agencies, as well specific departments within OSPI identified as key collaborators necessary to accomplish this position’s expectations and the overall goals of Teaching and Learning.
  • Support statewide educator/school/student awards specific to world languages education (as necessary and possible) by participation in and/or by providing certificates of recognition for other significant world language and global education accomplishments, such as the Russian Olympiada at the UW; Chinese Scholastic Competition, co-sponsored by Confucius Institute; or the Spanish Contest in partnership with the UW and Embassy of Spain.
  • Write and edit responses to constituents and policy makers pertaining to world language education, curriculum, instruction, and assessment in Washington. This also includes periodically responding to requests related to the state of world languages education and assessment, teacher preparation, and state world languages policies on behalf of the State Superintendent.
  • Directly supervise an administrative assistant, shared between two offices.


  • Required Education, Experience, and Knowledge:
  • Bachelor’s Degree (minimum) in a field related to world languages and K-12 education.
  • School district or relevant leadership experience related to world languages instruction, assessment, and professional learning.
  • Experience teaching a world language in a formal PK-12th grade educational setting.
  • Knowledge of current research and best practices in PK-12th grade world languages education, standards, curriculum, program evaluation, and proficiency assessment.
  • Current knowledge and application of Washington State PreK–12 learning standards, guidelines, and system frameworks.
  • Experience working and collaborating with diverse multi-ethnic and socio-economic groups.
  • Experience building, participating in, and leading collaborative teams and partnerships with diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders, including school and district leaders, teachers, organizational partners, contractors, and evaluators.
  • Experience utilizing sound management and facilitation practices, developing and delivering professional development, providing technical assistance grounded in best practices.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Suite including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Moodle or similar programs.

Desired Education, Experience, and Knowledge:

  • Master’s or advanced degree in related fields.
  • Five years of K-12 teaching experience in world languages and/or social studies/international education.
  • Knowledge of educational policy and law for state, federal and school district educational systems related to world languages instructional programs.
  • Experience with grant writing and grant management and project management.
  • Experience working with visiting or exchange teachers and/or students.
  • Knowledge of and experience responding to school and/or district needs related to education reform efforts and standards-based education.
  • Experience using a variety of methods to develop, facilitate, and deliver professional development, including the use of online platforms such as Moodle, Edmodo, Basecamp, etc.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in one or more language, in addition to English.

To visit the full posting and apply, click here.

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