World Class Literacy for Dual Language Education and Classrooms with English Language Learners

Dual Language Washington, a special interest group of the Washington Association for Bilingual Education, is honored to present a rubber-meets-the-road professional development workshop with Ana Hernández, Ed. D., an internationally known and respected leader with 32 years of teaching experience in public schools and 25 years in dual language education settings. “I want all to know that I teach from full understanding of the challenges teachers face and advocate for highly effective and practical practices that get results!” Dr. Hernández has vast experience in a variety of levels where language learners excel.

Who:  Ana Hernández, Ed. D.

  • Assistant Professor, Multilingual and Multicultural Education, California State University San Marcos, School of Education
    • Coordinator of Online Dual Language Certification Program
    • Coordinator of the Bilingual Authorization Program
    • Coordinator of the California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Certificate
    • Instructor in Global Learning Networks
  • State Bilingual Educator of the Year. CA Association for Bilingual Education, 2007.
  • Association for Two-Way and Dual Language Education (ATDLE) & Two-Way California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) – Past President

What: Practical, effective Spanish/English literacy instruction in dual language classrooms

  • How to teach Spanish & English literacy in dual language settings
  • How to cross-linguistically connect English and Spanish literacy
  • How to ensure cross-cultural equity
  • How to insure alignment of English/Spanish language writing to Common Core Standards

Where & When: Highline, WA (near Seatac)

  • Saturday, February 27, 2016
  • 9:00 AM-4:15PM

Why: High quality literacy instruction is extremely challenging in dual immersion settings.

  • Literacy instruction best practices are difficult to navigate depending on the class makeup
  • Second language literacy instruction varies by language based on particulars of the language

Audience: K-6                     Cost: $75                  Clock Hours: 6.5 Hours Available (Free)

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